Real Estate Squeeze Pages

Squeeze Pages convert better than regular websites

Internet marketing must form part of a successful real estate investing business. In a world dominated by numerous offers and commercials, it is crucial to convert every web site visitor into a lead and ultimately into a closed deal.

Isolating each marketing campaign to a laser-targeted call to action is therefore mandatory to increase conversions and close more deals.

Squeeze pages enable you to launch a targeted marketing campaign with a single objective driven by a simple one page landing page that collects contact information.

You can then use the in-built autoresponder features to automatically follow up with these prospects to close more deals.

Your real estate investor website comes with two types of inbuilt squeeze pages:

When you get one of our real estate investor websites, it comes with two types of inbuilt squeeze pages:

1) Squeeze pages built into the design

video squeeze form

  •   Turn it on of off with a single click of the mouse
  •  Integrated into the design so you can combine the best of both worlds to maximize conversion.

A simple high impact video squeeze form built in a direct response website equipped with video speaking models, Ebooks, autoresponders is built to convert every visitor to a closed real estate transaction.

You also have the choice of using a non-video squeeze form.

See This Example

2) Squeeze pages you can launch separately

Whether you are buying houses, selling houses, attracting private money or most other real estate investing business models, there is a high-impact laser-targeted marketing landing page you can launch within a few minutes for your marketing campaign.

With the ability to automate timed, unlimited follow-up autoresponder messages, you can launch a targeted marketing campaign to a laser-targeted squeeze page and watch as your web site converts leads into closed deals hands off

Each website comes with a variety of  squeeze pages that you can launch at any time from your virtual back office.

Most of these squeeze pages come already integrated with

  • E-Books – fully personalized in your name and company to increase credibility. E-books provide information needed by your prospects. In return they provide their contact information (name, email, phone, etc)
  • Autoresponders – These autoresponders are already pre-written. Your prospects will receive carefully pre-timed messages with helpful information that they need. You can even write your own autoresponder messages to suit your needs.

This builds rapport and trust for you. The goal is to convert every prospect to a closed real estate transaction.

Frequent Questions:

QCan I use different domains for my squeeze pages
A – Yes. You can point your domains to different parts of your website including squeeze pages

QCan I order squeeze pages without the website?
A – No, the squeeze pages come integrated on your website, with E-Books and autoresponder messages

QCan I edit the contents of the squeeze pages?
A – Absolutely. You can edit content, the squeeze forms, and integrated autoresponder messages

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