The best real estate investing websites allow you to close more real estate deals. And of course you make more money if you close more deals.

To close more deals, you need the right tools – and a good website is at the top of this list of tools.

Here are the best website types that serve most real estate investing business models today.

Each of these websites offers unique benefits to real estate investors to grow your business.  Without further ado, let’s look at each one.

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: House Buyer Websites

A house buyer website is also usually called “We Buy Houses” website – used to buy houses, usually from motivated sellers. If you buy and sell houses, you definitely need this one, after all, you only make money if you can buy houses, to sell.

Best real estate investing websites: House Buyer Websites

House Buyer Websites – “We Buy Houses”

Most real estate investors buy houses. Needless to say, this means most real estate investors need a “We Buy Houses” website.

To be effective, a house buyer website should equipped to:


1) Attract Real Estate Leads Through SEO

To attract new clients, a good website for real estate investing must attract leads organically through the search engines.

This means it must be optimized for search engines (SEO) so it can rank higher in the search engines – especially Google.

The higher it ranks, the more people find it, and the more business it attracts for you.

How do you get your real estate investing website to rank higher on the search engines?

The website should

a: Have advanced on-page SEO:

Each page meta data for the Title, Description and keywords should be clear. These keywords should also be reflected in the page content.

b: Target your local market

Your website will rank especially well in the search engines when you target a local market where you do business.

For this reason, each  interactive real estate investor website is optimized to target your local market for this reason.

c: Improve user experience

The website speed should be optimized to load fast, ideally under 3 seconds.

Visitors should navigate the website easily, and find key information on the first page.

Most importantly, they should also be able to take relevant action without having to scroll down the page – e.g. signing up, or to call you.

d: Optimize your website for mobile first

Google ranks websites based on mobile first. Most users will find you through their mobile devices, and search engines rank websites considering mobile first.

This article goes into the details of why your website must be mobile optimized.

e: Update your content regularly.

Post fresh content regularly. Search engines will reward you for it.


2) Engage those leads to take specific action

Website visitors must take action on your website before you can do business with them – such as call you or sign up.

To engage visitors, a house buyer website should have:

  • Video speaking models – these welcome visitors and prompt them to take action.
  • Personalized EbooksUsers have to sign up to receive Ebooks that solve a common problem your visitors have, personalized with your name as the author. This creates an opportunity to nurture these leads with automated follow-up marketing. 80% of sales are made on the 5th to 12th follow-up.
  • Squeeze pages – to collect email (at least) and do targeted marketing campaigns.
  • Multiple clear calls to action – So visitors can take action on your website – and initiate an opportunity to do business.
  • Be optimized for mobile devices – after all, most people will visit your website on mobile devices.

 Interactive real estate investing websites are equipped with these plus more.


3) Nurture those leads by follow-up email to do business with you

The house buyer website should have in-built follow-up autoresponders that send automated marketing emails to people who sign up.

These nurtured leads are more likely to close deals with you.


4) Deliver pre-screened and pre-negotiated deals

When leads come through a good house buyer website, it should give you a quick view if it’s a deal or not

It should also have tools to manage the house buying process from getting the lead to closing the deal.

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: Wholesale Real Estate Investing Websites

A wholesale real estate investing website comes in handy when wholesaling investment properties to real estate investors.

Best real estate investing websites: Wholesale Real Estate Investing Websites

Wholesale Real Estate Investing Websites

These properties usually need repair. The website should allow you to

  • Publish your properties easily to the website
  • Build a wholesale buyers list – real estate investors who buy investment deals
  • Email these properties to your buyers list directly from your website
  • It should offer extra features to market your properties – share properties on social media, with partners, etc.
  • Analyze your deals easily – at the very least, they should have in-built comps so you can quickly see the value of the house. A repair estimate and deal analyzer for each deal also helps you not make costly mistakes when buying and selling houses.

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: House Seller Websites

Best real estate investing websites: House Seller Websites

House Seller Websites

When you need to sell houses or rent them, a house seller website (website for selling houses) is what you need.

It should have similar features to wholesale real estate investor website, and allow you to list houses for sale on retail, for rent, and for lease options.

  • Easily publish your houses for sale, rent or lease options
  • Build a buyers list
  • Easily email them to your buyers list directly from your website
  • Share your properties on social media directly
  • Allow others to post properties on your website – such as partnership deals
  • Allow partners access to each property as needed so they can edit them
  • Easily integrate with third party mailing list services – such as Constant Contact, Aweber, etc

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: Private Money Real Estate Investing Websites

Private Money Real Estate Investing Websites

Private Money Real Estate Investing Websites

As the name suggests, a private money website is a complete web site specifically designed for attracting private money investors to finance your deals.

When you have a solid flow of cheap private cash that you can turn to at a moment’s notice, your you can close more deals as soon as they find them even with time limitations.

You can also negotiate rates which are way cheaper than hard money.

A private money real estate investing website presents you as a polished professional to potential cash investors, so they finance your deals with confidence knowing that their money is safe with you.

These websites are usually most often informational.

You should make sure you comply with FTC rules to make sure you don’t break any laws.

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: Websites For Multi-Family Houses / Apartments

We Buy Apartments Website

We Buy Apartments Website

If you buy multi-family properties or apartments, this is the website you need to buy and list apartments. It’s also called a “We Buy Apartments” website.

Like the house seller website, a “We Buy Apartments” website should be fully equipped to collect relevant information, so that you can quickly tell whether it’s a good deal or not.

Again, if you choose interactive real estate investing websites, this business model is included as an option you can activate by default.

Best Real Estate Investing Websites: “We Buy Notes” Websites

We Buy Notes Real Estate Investor Website

We Buy Notes Website

As the name suggests, these are websites used to buy notes.

If you buy real estate notes, this website presents you as a polished buyer. It should be equipped with forms to collect the relevant information you need to buy notes.

Interactive real estate investor websites come with this business model built in if you need it.

You can adapt it as full website, or you can add this as an additional business model in addition to your primary business – such as buying houses.

Should You Combine Business Models In One Website?

If you run multiple business models, such as buying houses, selling houses, wholesaling houses, seeking private money, buying notes, etc., should you include these all in one website?

Or should you have a separate website for each business model?

Most people will tell you that the best website for real estate investing is the one that is focused to a singular goal.

When a distressed motivated seller visits your website, the last thing they need to see are the properties or wholesale deals you have on sale! You get them distracted, and they might go elsewhere to sell their house.

You stand a fair chance of losing great deals just because of combining business models like this.

A costly example:

To give you an example…

My first teacher in our local REI group used to run everything on her website – buying and selling houses, wholesaling them to real estate investors, rehabbing them, private money, and even teaching her classes!

She used to say it works for her.

As a result, I used to combine everything in one website until I lost a great deal worth thousands of dollars. After I got the house under contract, I promptly listed it as a wholesale deal on my real estate investor website.

In the meantime, I located a wholesale cash buyer. We set a closing date and he wired the money to the title company ready for closing.

Unknown to me, my seller saw her house listed on my website at a much higher price that she was getting for her house!

Because of this she refused to go to closing.

Ultimately that house ended up in foreclosure – she refused to sell it.

I lost that deal because I combined conflicting business models on my website.

Should you combine real estate investing business in one website?


Of course it’s your call to make, but if you do, make sure the business models do not cause conflict that can affect your business.

A single real estate deal lost can cost you thousands of dollars. And when you can get a lifetime ownership of a separate real estate investor website for under $300,  it doesn’t make sense to take the risk of combining business models.

At the very least, you should separate buying houses from selling houses and run them on separate websites.


What features should you look for in any real estate investing website?

Whether you are looking for a website for buying or selling houses, wholesale real estate investing, looking for private  money or any other business model, at the least the website should be equipped with the following:

  • Proper on-page SEO – if it’s well optimized for search engines, then it will attract leads and business for you organically.
  • In-built autoresponders – to send carefully timed email marketing messages to nurture your leads.
  • Inbuilt email capability – to send out marketing emails and properties you list on your website.
  • Inbuilt Ebooks – so that you can sign up leads. These leads will eventually close deals with you after they are nurtured by follow-up email.
  • Customizable mobile friendly designs – your website must look professional and still be a direct response website that prompts visitors to take action. This is the only way you’ll get to do business with a website visitor.
  • Customizable to suit any business model – no matter what you do in real estate investing, a good website for real estate investing should adapt to what you do without having to buy a new one.
  • Basic real estate tools – you should be able to run comps directly on the website for each deal, run a repair estimates, deal analyzers to analyze each deal whether it’s profitable or not, inbuilt notes and reminders, etc
  • Easy to use – preferably, you should run everything from a simple virtual back office. You should be able to use it even if you are new to computers!

In conclusion, the best real estate investing website is the one that will

  • Attract leads and help you close more deals
  • Make your work easier
  • Make you more money

As I’ve mentioned before, Interactive Real Estate Investing Websites have all these features and a lot more.

Got any comments? Please leave them below.

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