If you’re a real estate investor, you’re probably hunting for a good website for real estate investing if you don’t have one already.

We’ll show you how to choose the best one and get the best value for your money if you’re hunting.


You buy and sell houses, some wholesale deals, maybe some multi-family properties.

Or you probably rent them out.

You’ve not really gotten into that online thing yet – your marketing has been mainly old school bandit signs, driving for dollars, and so on.

Maybe you send out some post cards, good old letters – and they work for you.

But you also realize you need to step up your marketing to generate more leads.

Or you probably know of some friends investing in real estate who are getting amazing results generating leads through their real estate investor websites and you want a piece of the pie, right?

The reasons could be endless.

Bottom line is – you need a website for real estate investing.

Now, you also realize there’s a lot to learn if you have to do this website thing – killer design, branding, copy that converts, back-end code, SEO, conversion optimization and so on.

These little details can be mind-numbing.

So, where do you start when looking for the best real estate investing website?

In this article we’ll thrash all these nitty-gritty little things you need to know to get the best website for your real estate business.

We’ll walk you through why you need a website in the first place, what you should look for when you are buying (or building) a real estate investor website, or even using website services that help you leverage online marketing.

Once you know what options exist, you can then choose the best real estate investing website that works for your business model.

So, let’s get started shall we?

What is a website for real estate investing?

A real estate investing website is a tool that gives you a presence on the internet (online) where clients can initiate real estate business transactions with you. A good website also provides the tools and features you need to run your real estate business. This allows you to close more deals using less time, money and effort.

First let’s clear some terminology. Websites for real estate investing go by a variety of names – real estate investing websites, real estate investor websites, real estate investors websites, rebsites for real estate investors, and so on.

You can easily think – I don’t need a website. I’ve been doing this without a website for years and I get good results…

I do close deals without them…

Don’t get me wrong. Offline marketing is as powerful today as it’s always been. Post cards, bandit signs, cold calling, etc.

But should you limit your marketing, reach and lead generation to just offline methods?

How much more business can you do if you are also generating leads online in addition to your offline marketing?

Why do you need a website for real estate investing?

There are several reasons why you need a real estate investor website:

Online presence

People will easily find you online if you have a real estate investing website.

Today, almost everyone starts their search online – including people looking to sell their houses or buy houses.

When they find you organically through SEO, they tend to be higher quality leads because they are inbound – meaning they found you, rather than you chasing them.


Lead generation

Once you set up your online marketing, your lead generation will save you time, money and effort and keep generating leads, probably for years to come with minimal input from you.


Makes you more productive

With the right kind of website (as we’ll discuss below), managing your real estate investing business becomes a breeze – and you spend more time generating new business and closing deals rather than working on your business.


Marketing advantage

Combining online and offline marketing will give you an edge and a constant supply of high quality leads.


Builds rapport

A website for real estate investing tells your story long before you talk to someone. It establishes trust and rapport and warms up people to do business with you before you even talk to them.


Now you know that you do need a website, where do you start?

There are so many website options, including some very low-end websites out there – how do you choose the best one?

First you need to know the different types of real estate investing websites.

Types of real estate investing websites

When looking for a website for your real estate investing business, you have a few choices:

  • Build a custom website from scratch
  • Buy a pre-built website for real estate investing
  • Subscribe to a “website service” that runs your website for you for a monthly fee

Well, all these are great options – what you choose depends on your budget, technical expertise, time on your hands, your goals, and the flexibility you want with your website.


Option 1: Build A Custom Website For Real Estate Investing

In this case, you’d have to hire a web developer and designer to build your website from scratch using your custom specifications.

Most people think about this route first when think about having a website.

You need expertise here…

This is how the big guys do it – people who do hundreds of transactions a day. The fortune 500 companies. The guys with the big money.

Naturally, you need big budgets to do this – it’s not uncommon to spend over $10,000 for a website custom built for you.

And I’m being quite moderate here.

And you also need a consistent budget to maintain the website, update content, A/B test your conversion rates, and so on.

Is this the best route for you?


You could also go cheap and custom:


You have the option to use a website builder such as the ones you find on web hosting platforms.

Or you could even install WordPress, get a free theme and build your real estate investing website.

Again with these options, you need to have a certain degree of expertise.


If you choose these website builders, it’s hard to get a good website that adequately serves your needs because they are not designed for real estate investing, and they miss a lot of features.

As a result, you’ll end up with just a ”face” of a website that looks good but it does nothing much for your business.

Is this the route you want to take?



  • You’ll get everything you want as you describe it to your web developer. Of course, you must have a good web developer to start with!! This is a big one.
  • You can have custom elements that other real estate investor websites don’t have – you get it built exactly as you want it depending on your needs.
  • Your website will look 100% unique – after all it’s 100% custom built for you from the ground up.



  • This is EXPENSIVE. It also takes a lot of expert involvement – from hiring the right web guy who knows what they are doing to paying hefty fees for their services.
  • You probably need to hire an expert for SEO and direct response / conversion optimization. This will make sure your website is friendly to search engines and that it converts its traffic to leads – after all, what use is a website if it cannot bring you more business?
  • As technology changes (as it always does), you may need to pay more to get it re-done from time to time to keep up with the times.
  • If you choose the cheaper option of building it yourself, you’ll spend a lot of time doing this. And unless you have the right expertise, you’ll find it hard to do a good job. And even then, you won’t quite have a website that adequately serves your real estate investing needs because these builders are too generic and do not cater for the real estate market.


Example – How I built a website for real estate investing from scratch


I have been here before:

When I started investing in real estate, I just couldn’t find any website that could cater for my unique needs.

I ended up building a custom website from the ground up.

Luckily, I had a good web developer, probably the best in the world.  I spent thousands of $$$ because the market did not have a product that could work for our business.

We ended up with a website we could adapt to suit any business model and generate leads with very little input from us.

And with zero input from a web developer after it was delivered!


Interactive real estate investor websites

Interactive real estate investing websites

This is the same benefit we pass to you when you buy Interactive Real Estate Websites.

Yes – once you get the interactive website, you can handle everything.

You can make any changes you need yourself (or we’ll help you do it for free). You do not need any technical expertise to do this – if you can type, point and click, you can manage these websites!

This is the website that then became what you see today in Interactive real estate investing websites.

The first version was the actual copy of our real estate website!

Today you get a website that’s constantly upgraded to stay current with real estate and internet trends.

You get the coolest, most affordable website platform for real estate investors that attracts leads and nurtures them automatically to close more deals using less time, money and effort.

Which brings us to option 2:

Option 2: Buy A Pre-Built Website For Real Estate Investing

A pre-built website, is a software that runs a real estate investor website, and one that’s equipped to attract and convert leads as well as run most aspects of your real estate investing business.

These websites, such as ours, tend to be template-based with pre-defined layouts on templates that can be customized to suit your individual needs.

This means that ultimately, you end up with a website that’s uniquely yours and looks like no other website out there.


Interactive Real Estate Investing Website Examples

Interactive Real Estate Investing Website Examples

I know – some website templates out there have a lot of limitations and you can end up having a website that looks like every other website out there, maybe except for a few elements.

Or templates that you need to have technical expertise to customize.

With our real estate investing websites, we re-defined the meaning of templates – everything from the design elements to the content (text, forms, pictures, etc) are fully customizable.

You end up with a website that looks uniquely you, and one that represents your brand without sacrificing conversions.

Most importantly, you can use these websites with zero expertise.

Your website also comes fully personalized for you – your business name, local market, the marketing materials included with the website, etc.

All the SEO optimization is also fully personalized to your local market where you do business.

It has all the features you need to run a successful real estate investing business directly from your website.

Even though you can host these websites on your hosting account, once installed, it’s a complete platform that requires no expertise to maintain or run.

Speaking of templates…


There’s a low-cost alternative for a “template” real estate investor website

On the flip side, you can also get a website template – such as WordPress or similar templates for a few dollars (typically under $100). You then have to customize and build your website using these templates.

This requires expertise and time.

However, you’ll end up with a low-quality website that will ultimately prove to be quite costly to your real estate investing business due to lost business.




  • Cost effective. For as little as $300, you can have a website that attracts leads, nurtures them to do business with you, and runs most aspects of real estate investing.


Cheap doesn’t always mean cost effective – the quality and value of these websites (such as Interactive real estate investing websites) makes it a huge bargain for your business.

  • Requires no technical expertise – if you choose interactive real estate investing websites, you can run your real estate investing business with zero technical expertise.
  • Adaptable to suit any business model – with just a few clicks, you can customize your website to suit your business model. Whether you buy or sell houses, wholesale them, rent them, etc, you can quickly adapt it to suit your business needs.
  • Optimized to attract and convert leads – each website is SEO optimized and tweaked to generate leads.


Once visitors land on your website, the website is equipped and optimized to compel them to take action (such as sign up). In-built follow-up autoresponders then nurture and warm up these people to close deals with you.

  • Customizable designs – the most important part of a real estate investors website isn’t necessarily how it looks. It’s how it’s structured, the content on the website, SEO, and most importantly, how the design elements are put together to maximize conversion of visitors into leads.

With customizable designs, you end up with a unique website with superior conversion optimization, that delivers more business for you.

  • You own your website – I know this sounds confusing; once you buy your website, it’s yours for life. You just need to maintain your hosting account, usually for a low yearly fee.
  • Feature packed – the website contains tons of features that would cost thousands of dollars to build.



  • If you choose the wrong website, it could ultimately end up being too costly in lost opportunities and business. Cheap doesn’t always mean low cost. What value does the website deliver? This is the most important consideration when choosing the right website.

Interactive real estate investing websites are well optimized for search engines. Check out the results of superior SEO.

SEO Optimized Real Estate Investor Websites

SEO Optimized Real Estate Investor Websites


Option 3: Subscribe To A “Website Service” That Runs Your Website For You For A Monthly Fee

When you start searching for real estate investing websites, you’ll no doubt come across various services that offer a monthly subscription for a website.

With these services, they usually host your website as a “membership” for a monthly fee.

You’re tied to the existence of their business 100% because these websites cannot exist outside of their server(s).

This means that if you invest in SEO (and other optimization) and you miss a monthly fee, your website can disappear from the internet. If you know how SEO works, then you probably know that the last thing you want is to have your website go offline.

You’ll end up losing all the work you’ve done. If you get your website back online, you probably have to start from scratch.



  • Convenient – depending on the service, your website is maintained by your membership. In most cases you’ll have little input in customizing your website.
  • Customizable – again depending on the service, you can customize your website to LOOK how you want.


  • No ownership – like I’ve mentioned, you don’t quite own your website. Once you miss your monthly subscription fee, if they cancel your subscription your website disappears from the internet.
  • Expensive – Most of these services typically cost from $50 to $200+ a month. Obviously, this can quickly add up to thousands of dollars a year. Sometimes, their pricing is based on the customization options you need making it quite expensive to maintain a good website.
  • Not adaptable – You can’t customize them for a different business model. You’d have to buy an extra subscription.

Factors affecting your choice for the best website for real estate investing

Now that you know what types of websites exist on the market, how do you choose the best one?

Obviously, the option you take when looking for a real estate investor website depends on several factors:


1. Budget

How much money do you have to spend on your website?

Your budget will have a big impact on the direction you take. If you have $5000 to $10,000, you’ll probably hire a web developer to custom build a website from scratch.

However, if you end up taking a subscription service as we have seen, you could also end up paying thousands of dollars as well.

Of course, you also need to consider how much time you will save, and do you stand to lose any business by choosing the wrong website?

All these will play into your budget and long-term cost of your website.


2. Website Designs

You definitely need a website that looks good and professional, and offers instant credibility and trust.

You need a choice of designs that you can customize.

Of course, you also want a website that drives results, and one that falls within your budget.

So, you must have the best of both worlds – a nice, professional design that converts visitors to leads and ultimately closed deals.

For example, a WordPress theme can look beautiful but it definitely isn’t optimized for conversion. And it definitely has no features for running a real estate investing business.

Check out how interactive websites offer a wide choice of designs:

Choice of multiple designs

Choice of multiple website designs

3. Search Engine Optimization

A real estate investing website that’s well optimized for search engines attracts visitors organically from the search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo). These people become “leads” that you can close deals with.

Most people start searching on the internet when they want to sell their house (or buy one). To find you, your website must be well optimized to hold a commanding position in the search engines.

Having a website that has good SEO is a business-changing strategy that can attract business today and for a long time into the future.

The big part of this optimization is in the back-end coding of your website and keyword placement and localization of your website.

When you get an interactive real estate investor website, you get a website that has a strong SEO foundation – which drives passive traffic and generates leads and revenue for your business.


On-page SEO

SEO optimized meta tags and content

4. Conversion Optimization

Conversion optimization involves arranging each element of the website “scientifically” to compel each visitor to take a specific action on your website. Each element on the website is arranged to maximize chances that the visitor will perform the desired action – e.g. sign up.

Conversion optimization calls to action

Conversion optimization calls to action

For example, when a motivated seller lands on your website, they should be compelled to sign up – becoming a “lead” that you can close a deal with.

This means there should be clear, simple call to action buttons and content that leads them to take that action.

This increases conversion – such as signing up or tapping your phone number to call you.

At interactive real estate investor websites, each block of content is strategically placed and to compel visitors to take action. You end up with a website that attracts leads at a consistent rate, and converts them to bring you more business.

5: Mobile Optimized, Fast Loading Speed

When you optimize your website for mobile devices and it loads fast, it ranks better in the search engines. It also retains most of the visitors, who can close deals with you.

Over 90% of your leads will come through mobile devices.

First, this means the website must be mobile optimized to render well on mobile devices.

Secondly, conversion optimization must be done to compel them to take action. As such, each element must be optimized to cater for mobile visitors.

Third, your website must load fast.

Search engines favor mobile websites that load fast.

40% of people will leave your website if it does not load within 3 seconds – you could easily lose almost half your visitors if your website loads slowly!

How do you know if your website loads fast?

Just run a quick test at Pingdom.

Or just get an interactive real estate investing website that your sure will load fast and deliver results.

Pingdom test - fast loading websites

How to pick the best website for real estate investing

So now you have it – you know the types of websites for real estate investing that exist out there…


You know the main factors to consider when looking for a good website.

It’s time to do a little bit of research to know which is the best website for your real estate investing business.

To recap, 3 main factors will influence your choice:


1: You have little cash, time and technical expertise

You can play with code, you have time to tweak your website to suit your needs, optimize it to deliver leads.

In this case, you can build one yourself using templates like WordPress.

You may not end up with the best website that delivers revenue for your real estate business.


2: You have tons of cash and your needs are too custom

You have two options.

First, you can hire a web developer and designer / SEO and conversion optimization expert to build a custom website for you.

Be ready to pay for on-going maintenance.

This is an expensive option – $5000 to over $10,000.

Second, you can subscribe to one of those “website services” for a monthly fee. Even though initially the $50 you initially pay might not look like a lot, you’ll end up paying $1000s of $$$$ when it’s all said and done.

Bear in mind here that your customization requirements might be limited here.


3: You have a moderate budget and you want a fully optimized, feature-packed website

And you don’t want to learn all the ins and outs of search engine optimization, conversion optimization, etc.

If this is you, you need to piggy-back on a pre-built real estate investing website.

A platform that takes care of all the heavy lifting for you as you concentrate on closing the deals delivered through your real estate investors website.

So, which is the best website for real estate investing?

Among other things, the best real estate investing website:

  • Attracts leads and nurtures them automatically so you can close deals with them.
  • It has nice, customizable designs that are well optimized for SEO and conversion.
  • You can customize it to suit your business model.
  • Is easy to manage
  • Has all the tools and features to run your real estate investing business

Only one website meets all these requirements plus a lot more – Interactive Real Estate Investing Websites.

In full disclosure, we built these websites, and keep them up-to-date to keep up with changing real estate and internet trends.

We also make sure they contain pretty much all features you could ask for in a website plus a lot more.

But you do need to know we market these websites – I believe in full disclosure, not to trick you…

While we do recommend this option, of course we encourage you to do your research and choose the best option that suits your needs.

I wish you good luck in your search and all the best in your real estate investing business.

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